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Summary of Medals & Career

1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist 


1992 European Gold Medalist 


1991 European Silver Medalist 


1990 European Silver Medalist 


1989 European Bronze Medalist 


First man to score 6.0 for artistic impression in SP at the World Championships history

First man to land quadruple jump at Olympics


Skate Canada Gold Medalist


Lalique Trophy Gold Medalist


NHK Trophy Silver Medalist


Skate America Silver Medalist


Aegon Cup Gold Medalist




    Short program results:


    European Championships


    1992 - Gold

    1991 - Silver

    1990 - Gold

    1989 - Bronze



    World Championships


    1991 - Bronze

    1992 - Silver



    Olympic games


    1992 - Silver




10-time National Gold Medalist


2-time Miko Masters Silver Medalist


5-time Prague Skate Gold Medalist


Mistr sportu-title Master of sport and Master class


US Open Bronze Medalist


The Figure skating Hall of Fame elector







Toured with Tom Collins Champions on Ice,World Cup tours,European tours,Nancy Kerrigan and Aron Nevil Christmas tour,performed at many show and competitions (Evening with Champions, Brian Boitano special, Legends, Ice Wars,Charity shows and more).

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