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Medals & Career 

-3 times National Champion (Novice, Junior and Elite)


-total of 8 National  medals


- 4 times Czech National Champion (Novice, Junior and 2x Elite)


-total of 8 Czech National medals


-1986  9th at Junior World Championship


-1989  7th at European Championship


-1989  10th at World Championship


-Prague Skate Gold medalist


-Golden Spin Silver medalist 


-Pavel Roman Memorial 2 times Gold,2 times Silver (formally Pohar 17.listopadu) 


-Cup of Gdansk Gold medalist


-Cup of Sofia Silver medalist 2 times


-(1981-1989 competed in many Ice dancing events such as Skate America, Fuji cup, Merano cup,Trophy Lalique,Skate Electric)


-Holder of Master class




-Professional shows:1994-1996 with Frederick Palluel;1996-1998 with Lyndon Johnson






-2000 FADS RS National Champion


-2002 USA National Bronze medalist (RS Theater Arts)


-2005 Triple Crown Champion


-2005 USA National RS Semifinalist 


-2007 World Cup finalist




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