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Andrea Juklova was born 1971 in  Olomouc, Czech, and began skating at the age of 6 after being scouted by Czechoslovakian coaches while in kindergarten. By the age of 12, she was the Novice National Champion and was named to the Junior National team. Andrea and her partner, Dalibor Joura, competed in many International competitions and at age 13 were chosen to attend theNational Sport Center in Prague. While it was difficult leaving her home and family, Andrea, with Dalibor, represented her country at International competitions at the Junior level. 


After placing second at Nationals, Andrea was given a new partner, Martin Simecek. Andrea and Martin represented their country at the Junior World Championship, placing 9th, won the Junior title, Senior title, placed 7th at the European Championship, and medaled at many International competitions. At the age of 17 and on their first trip to the World Championship, they placed 10th. Hoping to place higher in the upcoming season, they decided to change their Original Dance, and missed the rest of the International competitions. In 1989, before competing at the Czechoslovakian Nationals, the pair was required to present their new Original Dance to the Czechoslovakian Figure Skating Committee and scheduled it for an exhibition show at the Junior Grand Prix. Unfortunately the couple experienced a very hard and serious fall during their first program, and Andrea’s knee suffered severe damage. After Andrea received off-ice treatment by a doctor, the couple performed their second program, the new Original Dance, and Andrea remained hopeful that it was just a bad fall, nothing else. But she had fractured her knee cap.


The pair missed the Europeans and the Worlds that year and being just a year or so from the Olympic Games, they were anxious. But her knee did not heal well and stepping on the ice after almost 5 months in a cast and on crutches, she still could not put any weight on it. The first and last practice was very disappointing. Next time she could practice was almost 2 years later from the accident.



Andrea began coaching in Czech in 1991. While choreographing Petr's Tour exhibitions and programs for international skaters, she started coaching in USA in 1992. In 2008 Andrea returned back to Europe. From 2008 till 2014 was coaching in Switzerland and from 2015 till now in Germany. She works as a choreographer and stroking coach. Off - ice she teaches Pilates, Yoga, Ballet workouts and Dance.



Professionally she skated with Frederick Palluel and Lyndon Johnson before finding her new love, ballroom dancing, managed by the National Dance Council of America(NDCA). In 1998, she began competing in NDCA with partner James Williard. Together they have won and medaled at many competitions, including a bronze medal at USA National Championship(TA). They were named Triple Crown Champions,FADS National Champions and they are The World Masters Finalist.


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