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Petr began to teach in 1993, at first it was just part time, but later on from 1999 it became full time. Andrea began to coach in 1991.

They spent their entire amateur skating careers in a National Sport Center, but their teaching career began in the U.S.A., where they would spend 16 years living and observing other Nations techniques.The 90's were the best time to be in the USA, because all the Worlds best coaches and skaters were there as well. It was a great benefit for their teaching skills, because they were able to see both teaching systems up close. The system of Communist Sport Centers and the system in the U.S.A.. Not many coaches get to experience both systems as a skaters, this experience was a great benefit to them. They believe that both systems offer great teaching tools. The positive things from both systems can be combined into one. They tried that and it has been working very well for them. One thing is very important to know: there are no shortcuts in Figure skating, no magic, everything is hard work and patience.

In 2008 they returned to Europe (Switzerland) and then in 2015 relocated to Germany, where Petr got a State coach position.















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